Charcoal has been known for ages for its ability to absorb toxins. In Canada it is used for stomach flushes in hospitals in cases of food and other poisoning. I always have a bottle with me whenever I travel. It is  especially useful in the places known for unsafe water and food, i.e. Mexico and Caribbean. There I take three-five capsules in the morning and same in the evening, just to stay on a safe side. Always being a food explorer in unusual places, I have never suffered of sick stomach – thanks to charcoal. It is also a good idea to take some if you have been drinking a bit too much. Being said that, it is great as a purifying face mask as well. Whether you have acne or just want to clarify your skin, mix the content of 3-4 capsules with any liquid of your liking. Apple cider works well for oily skin, rose water  suits everyone, but especially good for sensitive skin. You can use aloe vera juice, red wine, or just water.


You can pull the capsules apart,but I find it a bit difficult and messy, so instead I cut the tops off and empty the content into a small container:

IMG_3331Then just add some liquid and stir with a q-tip. The consistency shouldn’t be too watery.

IMG_3334And the end result – just wait until it dries completely ( about ten minutes) and wash it off:

IMG_3345Beautiful! 🙂