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We try to use as little chemicals as it is possible in our households, so if you are on the same page give a try to African black soap. Dudu-Osun is an all-natural miracle hand-made in Nigeria and Ghana, two regions famous for their perfect formula. There are so many uses for this product, it is not only a body soap. Try it as a shampoo – your hair will bounce,  and there will be less shedding with time. Use it as a laundry soap for hand-washing. It is the best pet soap in our experience. Our dog – a huge Bernese Mountain dog ( RIP, Rickshaw) always had the shiniest coat and healthiest skin since we’ve started using Dudu-Osun on him. African black soap works great as a face cleanser and makeup remover. If you have oily or acne-prone skin leather it up and leave on you face for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Now, look at this list of ingredients! Speaks for itself, really.